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The National Diving & Activity Centre!

Well it has been a little while now since the shiny, new NDAC opened for business and to be honest, I have been basking in slightly warmer waters. However we did pop along when it first opened to have a look, so thought you might like to hear about our experience. Click here for our map of the site.
Bearing in mind that there are on-going plans for development, the overall impression was very good with the staff being friendly and approachable.
Getting to the site was easy with clear directions available on their web-site, together with a trail of dive flags along the A48 marking the entrance.
The water is cool year round due to its depth, though the visibility was not bad when we went at 10-15M. They have also populated the water with numerous pike and other fish as well as sinking a couple of items of interest. To date they have a swim through gym-like area consisting of plastic tubing (no rusty edges to get snagged or cut on), as well as a divers wet bell.
I think by now the maximum depth of 80M is common knowledge, and to go hand in hand with the provision of such depth, there is an on-site hyperbaric chamber.
There are also facilities for the disabled, showers a great cafe supplying a pretty impressive menu (a lot more than your usual truckers' brekkie type of stuff), not to mention a shop where you can stock up on your kit, as well as hiring anything that you may need but don't wish to purchase just yet. Great if you forget that vital item too! You can also book courses there from Open Water and up, or should I say down?
For more specific information, you can visit their web-site.
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