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The Jackfish Alley Project

This was one of Jilly's reasons for doing her cave diving course in Mexico

It has been known for some time that there is a cave system in the Jackfish Alley dive site found in the Ras Mohammed National Park here in Sharm el Sheikh. A team led by Leigh Cunningham did an initial exploration of the caves last year, and was able to enter and explore these caves to a certain extent, and now it is time to go back with a new team. And it will be Jilly's turn to actually go inside too, having been one of the support divers last time around.

Some others have tried investigating the caves in the past, however hadn't had the full training, and as a team, the Ocean Angels had all sworn that they would go about this the right way.

Here is Jilly's diary of the project they completed this year, along with other divers of the Angels team: Leigh, Jimmy, Jim, Neil, Per, and Jaimi to name a few.





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