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Day One of the Instructor Exams!

So the day has finally arrived, feeling like a nervous school child on their first day, I make my way round to Jillyís house. We get on the bus and travel down to the Club to pick up Matt, Thalia and Phil, and then head towards Daveís to pick him up. We walk down to the Movenpick Hotel for 7.30am and sit outside waiting to go in for our day one IE briefing. Entering a large conference room, the four of us huddle round a table, with Jilly and Dave looking on like proud parents.

Now, this is where I am happy Jilly gave us an IE briefing yesterday, as before the instructors begin we get handed our Ďgolden ticketí papers, telling us the skills we have to do over the next two days. I look at mine, trying to breathe slowly I see what I have. Confined Water Skill: Surfacing an Unresponsive Diver (using buoyancy control of either the rescuer or the victim).......breathe......breathe......ok, now I know I can do this, but it was the day I was throwing a hissy fit that we went over it, oh....did I miss something? I wasnít concentrating that day, am I going to remember how to do it? Ok Gemma, just breathe and carry on down the sheet. Open Water Skills: tying a Bowline.....oh yes, I did this in the IDC, thatís good, I know I can do that one, next skill, Buddy Breathe stationary.....oh holly crap!! I know how to do this, but there is so much that can go wrong, and for some reason everyone hates this skill. Knowledge Presentation: It is a Dive master question, ok thatís ok, just hope it isnít Physics.....oh, jinxed it....yep itís a Physics question about water displacement. Breathe......Breathe.......ok, itís not too bad. I look up towards the examiners and there now finishing their briefing, oh, didnít listen to a thing......thanks Jilly for the briefing yesterday!

After the briefing we get given our scheduled times to be where, and note them down as well as the 5 confined skills we have to demonstrate. We then head towards the exam room as we will be taking our exams first. I take a seat and begin to work through the two exams over the next three hours. I finish early and although I know I should go over them, I feel like Iím suffocating being in a exam room for so long, so decide to hand my papers into the examiner, I wait for my results.......íWell done, see you at the next stageí, yay I passed! I exit the room and walk down to where Jilly and Dave are sitting, Jilly looks up, screams ĎIíve got one outí, I have an enormous smile over my face, she knows Iíve passed, and starts running towards me, nearly falling flat on her face, she grabs me for a hug. As we wait for the other guys to come out, I begin preparing my confined water slate. Within half an hour, all four of us are out and we have all passed.

We then make our way back to Ocean Club, which is where we will be doing our confined water skills in the pool. At 1.30pm we sit with our examiner "Terry", for our briefing, he puts us completely at ease, all the examiners are wonderful and really try to help suppress your nerves and make the IE fun. We enter the water and begin the 5 confined water skills, and then each of our individual skills. At the end of my debrief I get told Iíve got 5/5 for my skills, Iíve passed this section and feel great. Having all passed we dry off, after getting told by the examiner we make a good team, and head towards the class room to prepare our knowledge presentations. Jilly and Dave have been sweet and got us lunch, but I canít eat much, my tummy is doing summersaults. We all sit quietly and start working hard, getting our props, and thinking about or contact story, then at 4.50pm get back in the bus to head back to the Movenpick to give our presentations. Again we all sit together, looking nervous until our time comes, we head into the room and begin our presentations. They are all great, I get 5/5 for my presentation and even some laughs from the examiner over my contact story. So thatís it, day one of the IE over and so far all good. In fact the Instructor exams are not as bad as I thought. All that I have left is Open Water and Rescue presentations to go. Thalia, Matt, Phil and I head towards town for a drink and some food, but dont stay out late, we all head home early and I sit and begin to write out my Open Water skills for tomorrow, the best thing about it is that I still have the Bowline briefing on my slate including diagrams from the IDC, so didnít need too much work. Once I finished those I get my head down, itís a big day tomorrow and I pray that we all make it through and our dreams come true.

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