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Day Eight!

The pace of the IDC seems to have really slowed down as we begin tying up all the loose ends before our exams.

Iím still feeling very excited, I can see the Instructor title just a few feet in front of me, and Iím ready to grab it with both hands. In the morning we decide to get into the pool with Dips and practice some more skills, leaving Jilly to tackle the huge pile of paperwork which must be submitted for each of us to take part in the Instructor Exam. Iíve had so much practice of skills circuits now, that after helping Thalia with her mask skills, I use the time in the pool to chill out and we have a lark around, blowing bubble rings and pulling each otherís masks off. I canít believe how confident I feel in the water now, I remember during my Open Water course absolutely hating mask skills, as soon as I felt the water hit my nose Iíd inhale a load of water and shoot to the surface. Even after my Advanced course and the beginning of my Dive Master course I was still petrified, and really needed to concentrate on my breathing when I took my mask off, but now it feels like second nature. So to anyone reading this that is worried about taking your mask off, itís actually not that bad, and with practise you too will find it easy to do. Whatever you do, donít let it stop you pursuing a career in diving, I nearly let it get in the way of me doing my Dive Master course and now look what Iím doing!!

After having some fun time in the pool, which helped me chill out, we have a presentation from Jilly about how to conduct a Divemaster course. She begins talking about the importance of the Divemaster Trainee and Mentor relationship, my DM course is so fresh in my mind, and with all the emotions of the Instructor exams coming up, both Jilly and I, like two sentimental idiots begin to well up. I know Iíve been lucky to have Jilly as my mentor and will miss her greatly when this course is over. I find it amazing how hospitable everyone at Ocean College has been, everyone is so friendly and have welcomed me with open arms. I was really worried before I left about how hard it might be to make friends, and was so nervous about just upping and leaving my life in the UK to start a new one in Egypt. I think one of the nicest elements is that most of my friends at Ocean College have been through exactly the same process I am going through now. Everyone that has spoken to me, has not only wished me luck, but have also talked about their own IDCís with affection and relay their experiences as if it were only yesterday. Everyone holds dear their memories of the Instructor exams, and it makes me realise just what a wonderful experience I am having, and to enjoy every bit of it. I am grateful to have this, as I often find it difficult when talking to my parents and friends from the UK to explain exactly what it is I am doing and often think that although they know I am training, they have no idea exactly whatís involved. Itís not their fault, I think itís just difficult for people who have not scuba dived to understand.

After a few chill out drinks in T2, I walk back home in somewhat of a daze and crash out again, determined to have a good nightís sleep, as I know I wonít sleep well tomorrow with it being the night before day one of the Instructor Exams.

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