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Day Six...!

Oh my god, I have never laughed as hard as what I have done today

During our confined skills presentation, Jilly and Dave decide they are going to take the role of students. Today is officially called Muppet day by Jilly, although I feel Muppets may be better behaved. Matt, Thalia, Phil and I enter the pool, waiting to give our final confined water presentations, while Jilly and Dips, like two naughty school kids, hide behind a pillar planning how best to be naughty. They enter the water and we position ourselves for Matt's briefing on the surface. Phil is acting as Matt's Divemaster and decides to position himself directly behind Jilly. Little to his knowledge Jillyís snorkel is leaking, throughout Matt's presentation she continuously clears her snorkel, with each purge shooting a stream of water straight into Phils face, I canít hold it anymore, the giggles start and I canít control them.

We descend to do Matt's skill, BCD removal and Replacement.....this could be interesting. We all sit like good students on the bottom of the pool, and Iím looking at both Dips and Jilly thinking what on earth is up with their BCDíS? Still to this day I donít know what they did to them, they were not upside down and seemed fully tightened, but they seemed to be swallowing their heads. After Jilly performs an Impressive upside down BCD removal with Matt hanging onto her legs, we ascend for my briefing.

I start my briefing, weight belt removal and replacement underwater...humm. Iím trying not to burst into laughter, I know Jilly so well now, I only need look at her and I know what sheís thinking. I look over to Dave and heís bobbing at eye level, I ask him to look at me, he starts laughing. I continue my brief, trying to ignore the madness going on around me.

We descend and I pin Jilly down while she removes her welt belt and then front flips back into it, I donít know what to say... you really had to be there. We ascend and continue into Thaliaís briefing of buddy breathe swim. It was during this that we all lsot the ability to breathe through laughter, Dips decided to have a coughing fit through his snorkel and it all went tits up>

We descend. As pay back I use a piece of rope that we have snuck down to tie up Jillyís legs without her or Thalia noticing. Dave and Jilly begin to buddy breathe swim the wrong way and they're just dragging each other across the bottom of pool......... I look over at Jilly and Dave and can see them pissing themselves. I wonder how long they can remain buddy breathe swimming for, considering any air they breathe is just being laughed straight out. Thalia has no idea what to do, she had sent Jilly and Dave the wrong way swimming, so Dave is now just dragging Jilly along on his knees, Thalia is looking helpless but hasnít cut the skill so they just carry on. By the end of it all, Jilly was on top of Dave, with her legs wrapped round him in some kind of underwater Karma Sutra display. I canít remember much after this as Iím constantly clearing the water streaming into my mask from giggling.....I canít remember the last time I laughed so hard. My stomach muscles achedfor the next 24hrs.

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