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Day Five... Halfway!

I知 not with it at all this morning. We enter the pool and begin practising search and recovery skills of tying knots and using lift bags, I知 in a horrid mood and my throat feels really bad as the antibiotics seem to be taking some time to work. I知 still frustrated about not having gone over the "free decent" skill, and everything I do this morning just feels wrong. Jilly asks me to tie the knots. I decide I can稚 do it before I even try, and hand the rope over to Phil. Jill makes him pass it back, but I知 still not happy.

We then practise lifting and unresponsive diver to the surface and responding to a panicked diver under water signalling out of air. I buddy with Phil, and we are working with Dips. I act as panicked diver, signalling out of air and Phil offers me his alternate air source. For some reason Phil decides to have the air flow on his alternate as low as possible, I start trying to breath but can稚 get enough air, as I strain harder to breathe I can feel it ripping at my throa. I give up, cutting the skill, throwing his alternate back at him and putting my reg back in, I知 like a little kid stamping my feet. I知 finding it difficult and I知 so frustrated with myself. Dippy knows something痴 wrong, but every time he asks if I知 ok, I signal back ok, but he knows I知 lying.

We ascend again and begin practising the free decent. Jilly demonstrates and then asks me to have a go, I have a phobia of it now and I知 reluctant to try, but in the end I do and it goes well. I feel the weight of the last two days rising off my shoulders and feel I can see the light at the end if the tunnel again. The afternoon is spent listening to more presentations, at the end of the day Jilly tells me that apart from the rescue skills to do on Sunday, I am now an Assistant Instructor. We all celebrate with a couple of beers, then I head home to try to fix my wetsuit.

The pool is now officially freezing and the Velcro that seals the back of my wetsuit has fallen off, I managed to get some Aquaseal and decided to take my wetsuit home to fix by sticking on some more Velcro. I get home, prepare the area for gluing, apply the aquaseal and begin to wait the ten minutes before sticking the Velcro on....next thing I know, I wake to my alarm at 6am and bolt upright, boll**ks, there痴 the wetsuit in front of me with now a big lump of dried glue on it....great...another day of freezing.

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