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Day Four in the IDC House!

Up again nice and early, and the IDC is already having a massive affect on my home. When I arrived in Sharm el Sheikh, back at the end of September, I knew I had a long 3 months ahead of me. Without work, and little in the way of savings, I knew it would be tough for me so I had to be sensible with my money in order to survive until I found work. So, I decided to go with the cheapest place I could find, which was a little 1 bedroom studio, located right at the back of Hadaba, costing in the region of £250 a month. Itís small but it is home, and I knew I wouldnít really be in it that much during my internship. I have always been a bit of a cleaning freak (passed down from my Mum), but since the IDC has started there is no time for cleaning. I get in at the end of the day, collapse on the bed, to wake in the morning, throw some clothes on and leave the house. I looked around the house this morning and there are knickers, bras and dirty laundry everywhere Ė my mum would be disgusted with me. I keep meaning to clean in the evenings, but these are spent with Matt, Phil and Thalia chatting about the day. Since Matt and Thalia are a couple, I try to spend some time with Phil to stop him feeling lonely. Hence the domestic nightmare. The other problem is, because the other guys are out on holiday doing their courses, they want to eat out and go for drinks every night, which is impossible for me to afford. So, they end up helping me out and I feel really bad that I canít afford to buy a round when they are treating me to food.

Iím really getting concerned about my throat, I look at it in the mirror and see that the dangly bit (donít know what itís called) is all blistered, I start freaking myself out....what if it falls off and I canít speak anymore? Even worse... what happens if I canít do my Instructor exams? I decide to speak to Jilly this morning about it, she has a right to know, and If I need to go to the doctors, Iím going to have to go today during lunch.

Today we continue with more presentations and I canít believe how tired I am. As great as Jilly is at presentations, the worry from joining the "one" club yesterday had been playing on my mind all night and I can feel my eyes rolling during our sessions. I donít want Jilly to think Iím being rude, but I just cant stay awake. At lunch Dippy drives me to the chamber to see the doctor, he tells me I have an infection and gives me antibiotics and painkiller. I try to get out as soon as possible without asking him if Iím ok to dive, to be honest I could have my whole leg falling off and it wouldnít stop me now. Then just as we leave, Dips turns round and has to ask doesn't he? I feel my heart skip a beat waiting for the doctor's response, "Itís ok", he says to go careful but I should be ok to dive. I breathe a sigh of relief and we head straight back to the club.

During the afternoon we give our 2nd and 3rd confined water presentations, again the pool is freezing and although I get good marks I still canít get over yesterday's "1" scoring. Itís not the "1" that is getting to me, itís the fact that I have no idea how to do a "free Decent" with students, in a safe way. Iím one of those people who when I get something wrong, I want to get back in and practise and practise till I get it right. Because I have to wait until our pool session tomorrow, to learn how to do it right, its driving me crazy. It doesnít make me feel any better having the knowledge that in exactly one weekís time Iíll know if Iíve passed my Instructor exams. My Facebook update today says it all and reads....."If only PADI developed a new skill Ďone must be able to sleep for one hour underwaterí. It would be a five across the board for all of us".

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