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Day Three in the IDC House!

Wake up to an even worse throat but try to put it to the back of my mind.

Today was a really bad day for me I hit what they call the "1" club. Not good. When you go into your Instructor exams you have to make several presentations, you have to present skills in confined water, open water and there are several other bits you have to do too. On the Instructor exams you get marked out of 5, 5 out of 5 being good, 1 out of 5 being bad. To get a 1 you have to do either something dangerous or violate a PADI standard well today I decided to go for the dangerous approach let me talk you through what happened.

Throughout the course, to prepare ourselves for the exam (and of course for future teaching!) we take it in turns to play "student" or "divemaster" for our fellow candidates learning their "instructor" role. Each "student" is given a specific mistake to make when performing the skills. If the "instructor" notices and amends these skills, then great, if not, then the score can vary accordingly. Of course things get even more complicated when the course director (Jilly) or the staff instructors (Dippy Dave) get involved with the role play, as with them... who knows what can go wrong??

It was our first Open water presentation, I had to get my students (Phil, Matt and Thalia) to perform a free decent using a visual reference, OH MY GOD!!!! So, I am situated on the surface near the buoy in the Red Sea College confined area, I have Matt acting as my Divemaster, Phil and Thalia as my students, oh yeah.....and then Jilly decides shes going be a student too....great....this could be fun! I have my students gathered round me and Im attempting to perform a five point decent. "So guys....the acronym is SORTED.... remember to signal, orientate, regulator, time, extend, equalise, exhale and....and....and....descend...."

Oh crap! While Ive been doing the 5 point descent, everyone has drifted away from me, and now theres absolute carnage in front of my eyes, Ive got Phil dropping like a lead weight, I have no rattle and hes looking at his feet, Im waving my arms like a idiot and nothing, I turn to Thalia who is swimming away from me like a rocket, then I look up and I have Jilly bobbing just below the surface in full "Muppet student" mode! I turn round to Dippy whos marking me and just shrug my shoulders, I have no idea what to do. I look down, and by now Phil is on the sandy bottom, I turn and signal to Matt to go to Thalia and then go down to Phil, and I go up to Jilly. As I reach her, I look her in the face and feel like Ive failed her. Shes pretending to have ear problems, I signal her to equalize and she begins to descend. I continue through the debrief back at the Club and get told Im in the 1 club for doing something that could cause harm to students, I dont really remember much about the rest of the day.

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