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Day Two

Unable to sleep much last night, I wake up and have a really dry throat, I stumble to my fridge and grab some water, after downing a bottle my throat is still dry, then it dawns on me, last night at T2 I burnt my throat badly eating a much too sizzling Fajita Ė I wonder how it going to affect my diving and first speaking presentation. I manage to drag myself out of bed at 6am, as realise legs and bikini line needs desperately seeing to before giving my first confined water presentation today. I have to demonstrate regulator clearing by two methods, Iím more than comfortable with the skill and feel that the last two months of training have set me in good stead of how to brief and debrief too, which is good. After realising I had turned the hot water off in my studio flat, I arrive shivering and blurry eyed at the centre for 7.45am. We enter the classroom and I decide not to tell anyone about how sore my throat is, I donít want Jilly thinking Iím just coming up with excuses if Iím bad at my presentations.

As part of our IDC crew pack, we receive confined water presentation slates for how to set out our briefings and begin to write them out, I feel confident and begin to kit up and enter the water, it gets to my turn and to my horror everything Iíve done over the past two months has gone, I look down at the slate and begin to worry, my throat feels so sore, and I start waffling away, Jilly and I both know that when I get nervous and unsure I begin to mumble, I try my hardest to concentrate, losing my place on the slates I try my hardest to focus on what Iím saying...... difficult, as I know Jilly so well that I feel her eyes burning into me. I look down at the water thinking "I wanna be down there, at least when Iím diving I donít have to speak", I finish asking anyone if they have any questions before descending Ė the water is my perfect refuge. Down in the water, I have Phil acting as my Divemaster and Matt and Thalia acting as my students. I demonstrate the skill, then get them to perform it, picking up on any errors, I notice their problems and correct them before ascending and debriefing. Surprisingly I find out I scored better than I thought and my heartbeat returns to a normal rhythm.

Back in the classroom, we begin our microteaching presentation, completely confusing if you ask me, and without a shadow of a doubt the thing Iím most worried about on the Instructor exams. Getting ready to stand up and teach, I feel the tale tale signs of sweaty palms and a high pulse. Iím worried I will "ummm, erm, um, ah" through the whole thing. We listen to each other giving our presentations, each lasting about 20 minutes long, we all get told they were great, but they should only be 5-7mins long. I sit back relieved itís over for now, but think how on earth can we hit all the key points needed in the presentation and get a good contact story in just 5 mins; itís all beginning to seem very hard. I arrive back home by about 9pm and although I got some really good marks today, for the first time I have doubts about whether I can really do this. I try to get some sleep but find it difficult with such a bad throat, I hope itís a little better in the morning.

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