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Day One on the IDC

So the day is finally here, 8 weeks of hard work has brought me to day one of my instructor Development Course (IDC). Its 7.30am and Iím stood at the crossroads in Hadaba waiting for the staff bus. As I look around and take in my surroundings I can honestly say that I am home and have no desire to return to the UK anytime soon. Today is a very special day, in effect it is the beginning of the final chapter of my Internship with Ocean College. Over the past two months of training I can see the end is in sight, this in mind I am obviously feeling a mixture of emotions. Excitement is top of the list, I canít wait to be a PADI instructor and my desire is still as strong, if not stronger than it ever was. Iím also absolutely pooing myself Ė I know Iíve still got a lot to learn before my Instructor Exams and this is the only thing keeping me from going crazy. Counting down the days, I realise that in just 11 days I will know if Iíve achieved me dreams, so close. But I try to put this to the back of my mind and concentrate on the task at hand, which is making sure I donít show up Ocean College's Course Director Jilly.

Jilly Healey I can only describe as my Idol, she has been my Ďeverythingí over the past two months, teaching me my EFR and Rescue courses and being my mentor and mummy through my Dive Master course. A true friend, I know I can ask Jilly anything and have learnt so much from her Ė a true asset to Ocean College, she will also be conducting my IDC. Unfortunately Jilly has let me in on the secret that I am her first IDC candidate since becoming a Course Director that she had also taught on their Divemaster course, and as such, has told me Iím not allowed to show her up Ė oh pressure!!!!

I arrive at the dive centre at about 7.45am and enter a classroom with the other IDC candidates. All looking slightly nervous we take our seats. There are a total of 4 candidates, including myself namely Phil, Matt, Thalia and me. I am surprised to discover that at 25yrs old Iím the youngest on the course Ė I wonder if Iím out of my depth? As for staff, there is Jilly who will be leading the course and also Dave ( Dippy), who is training to become a staff instructor, I have already met Dippy during my time training at Ocean College, and for anyone who knows him, you will understand why mine and Jillyís first concern is what we can use to gag him during the course Ė were thinking masking tape should hold for a while (only joking if your reading Dips).

We spend most of the morning talking about the course and receiving the first of many presentations. Then in the afternoon we entered the swimming pool to be assessed on demonstrating all 20 skills from the Open Water course. These 20 skills get marked out of 5 for each, therefore at the end we get a mark out of 100, we need 68 or above to pass this section. We enter the pool and its freezing - I perform the skills while slowly turning blue. I look at the other candidates whose skills are different to mine, I donít let it phase me, after all Iíve been taught my skills by Jilly! By the end of the circuit I cannot feel the tips of my fingers, we get out of the pool and I get told I scored 99/100. Iím ecstatic at the score, and then pleased to find out the skill I got 4/5 on was Buddy Breathing, I dropped a point for not holding on Ė wow, exactly the same as Jilly on her CD course, Iíve picked up the good points and possibly the bad too, lol.

We then go back into the classroom for another briefing, after the briefing Jilly and Dips go over our teaching presentations and get us all to begin to prepare them, to check that we know what we are doing. First Jilly and Dave begin chatting to Phil and Thalia, then Matt, they both talk to them for a while helping them with their presentations, explaining what they have to do. I begin to feel concerned, this is the element of the Instructor Exams I am most worried about and they arenít asking me if I need help, this is the first time I feel a bit helpless. After sorting out Matt, Thalia and Phil, Jilly gives me a pat in the head and says Ďyou know what your doing donít you?í, automatically not wanting to disappoint I blab Ďyeahí, looking down thinking ĎWhat the hell am I suppose to be doing?í. This is the only time I have ever felt completely out of my depth over the past two months and somewhat forgotten about. I know Jilly will probably be reading this, and I know it was never intentional, I just remember at that moment in time feeling completely lost.

Before finishing the day and heading home with my homework of preparing my first microteaching presentation. I sit down and get my theory and general standards exams completed. After passing each section, it dawns on me that the next time I sit exams, will be at the actual Instructor Exam (IE).

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