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Dave the Turtle

Not wanting to bring you down, but just to share some sad news. Dave the turtle lost his battle late in the summer of 2007 and died. You may have heard of him on trips over here, or by reading Diver magazine. He was rescued in January this year, having had his shell slashed by a boat propellor. Due to the care and attention he received from James Tunney and his team, he was brought back to strength enough to be released back into the wild bearing a new funky fibre-glass patch on his back. And he did thrive initially. Throughout the summer, he was a regular feature of many a dive on the Ras Mohammed reefs. He was seen on many sites along a whole stretch of reef, from Ras Za'atar all the way along to Yolande Reef, where he seemed to spend much of his time.
However in his latter weeks, he appeared to be looking a little weaker, thinner and rarely seemed to be eating much or doing anything really. I guess he managed to get an extra nine months out of his life so all was not lost, and you never know, thanks to all these efforts, he may have been able to create a few baby Daves along the way. We will never know for sure. What we do know is that he fought a brave battle, and certainly was a joy to see in and around the Ras Mohammed National Park.
There is now a small reef dedicated to Dave's demise in the Red Sea College diving area on Naama Beach. A pyramid named "Dave's Grave" has been created and already has become home to a couple of large burr fish and is sporting a collection of hard corals attached to the wiring in an attempt to encourage further growth. So far these corals seem to be growing quite happily!

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