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Sharm's Amazing Race!

So DiveBunnie and Ocean College joined together to enter Sharm's Amazing Race on Sunday.

Fourteen teams of four raced around Sharm el Sheikh following cryptic clues in order to reach each stage, where further physical and mental challenges took place. It was all for the Children's Cancer Hospital in Cairo, the full proceeds will be donated to help these children to get the best medical care possible for their illness. So far Moira the organiser, has banked 30,000 Egyptian pounds from the raffle ticket sales, and that is before the sponsorship money has come in!

Our team joined the others in our quest. We ran around the souk filling a bizzare shopping list, kayaked for the next clue, skated around the ice rink, played a spot of golf, raced around a race track, played memory games and made cocktails, just a few of the fifteen challenges we undertook... and more importantly survived! In fact we survived right to the very end, with only four other teams.

We came fourth overall in the race, however we did win a prize for earning the most money out of all the teams, so a huge thanks to all our staff, family, friends and guests who were amazingly generous and helped us achieve this. Our team alone raised roughly 3,596 Egyptian pounds for the hospital!

I am now going to put my feet up and rest! We ran our little legs off! Huuuuge thanks to my fellow team mates Jilly, Jimmy and Katie, without whom we would never have made it, and who will also be rubbing their weary legs today...we do lots of diving, but none of us get much running in these days... so it was a bit of a shock to the system hehe.

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