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It's a Record!!!

Huge congratulations go out to Leigh Cunningham, Mark Andrews and the "Ocean Angels" on the Yolande project who completed their final dive in the summer of 2006 on the wreck of the Yolande itself, currently sitting between 200 and 145M on a ledge in the reef where it crashed some 20 odd years ago. Those of you lucky enough to have dived Ras Mohammed (just off the Sharm el Sheikh coast) back in the early eighties may have even had the pleasure of diving this wreck before the storm some time around1986 (the date seems to vary!) pushed it right off the saddle and over the drop off, leaving behind it's random cargo of toilets, baths, shower curtain material and a BMW! It has sat since then, perched off the edge of this ledge awaiting its rediscovery by Leigh and Mark . The team included technical divers from Ocean College, Oonas and Colona, with Chad the gas man at Ocean Tech supplying the gas mixes.

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