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DiveBunnie Dive Diva Diaries:

Inspire yourself by reading what DiveBunnies around the world are doing with their lives:

Of course we have DiveBunnie's Bunnie Blog go where you can follow life as a diving guide and instructor in Sharm El Sheikh.

Last summer DiveBunnie herself was put out of the water with a fractured foot. Read about her first dive back, after three months high and dry unable to dive, unable to work: Back from the Fracturego

Check out our travelling DiveBunnie Imi's trip to Tufi in the PNG... sounds like some amazing diving, not to mention the romantic, dreamlike holiday itself Imi's Tufi go

DiveBunnie Learns to Divego
DiveBunnie's own diary of her Open Water Course... a few years ago now.. but better late than never.

Diving with Darwingo
Imogen Simpson-Mowday tells us about her fantastic trip to the Galapagos Islands. Living in the lap of luxury she gets to meet with marine iguanas, sealions, sharks and more.

Kirsty in the Park go
Kirsty Stenhouse has kept a diary of her time with the National Park Research Team, conducting important reef surveys in and around Sharm el Sheikh.

Holly's story go
Holly's Blog, an inspiration to all of us, she keeps a diary of her internship course with us here at Ocean College.

Gemma Passes her Instructor Exams:go
Gemma Beggs finishes her internship with Ocean College completing her Rescue, Divemaster and Instructor courses with us over the last few months. Go girlie! And to sum things up beautifully, she gets to do her first days' work on Boxing Day... "the best Christmas Present" she says.

Sian's Conservation Trip:go
Sian keeps a diary of her trip to the Seychelles with the GVI:

And Jilly one of our most prolific diary keepers, kept a day by day diary of her Course Director Course especially for us here!go

The braver ones among you can read about Nettie going Techie go on us, as she describes her advanced nitrox and decompression procedures courses.

The Jackfish Alley Cave Exploration:go
Jilly tells us of the Jackfish Alley Cave exploration project:

Jilly Braves the Caves:go
Follow Jilly's diary as she undertakes the feat of becoming a technical cave diver, deep in the caves of Yukatan in Mexico:

To find out more about what's happening in Sharm right now, follow the Bunnie Blog:go

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